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I provide custom, high quality web development serivces — from the highly complex to the smaller modifications, I can handle your web development needs. Custom web development is what I'm best known for.

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Web Development Services

I offer a variety of web development services, some of which I've listed below.

Custom Web Development

Fully custom website and web app development services. Built by hand from the ground up. I offer both the creation of custom websites as well as integration into content management systems such as Wordpress.

Feature Addition

Have an existing website but need some changes to how it works? I'll work with you to analyze your current website and newfound needs. As an expert in Object-Oriented Programming, I'll help modify your site without the need to redevelop.

Landing Page Development

Any good marketing camapign is made better by the addition of targeted, specific landing pages. I'll work with you to develop a landing page and specific features designed to capture more leads and increase conversions.

Third-Party Integrations

Needing to integrate a CRM, ERP, CMS, or other third party service into your website? I'm an expert at anayzing and integrating third-party APIs into your new or existing website. I have experience with multiple services, from Salesforce and Dynamics to Stripe and Oracle.

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

Have an existing design for a website that you need integrated into HTML or CSS? I can take that design and turn it into a static or dynamic website using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. All code that I produce is semantic and valid according to the World Wide Web Consortium.

Server / Environment Configuration

Your online presence depends upon a web server to properly deliver content, handle email, and secure your data. I can configure a variety of server configurations, including web servers, streaming servers, mail servers, and content delivery networks.

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