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Looking for professional web design and development? I'm your guy! I make things simple, and work diligently with you to achieve your goals.


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For When Your Business Matters.

You're looking for a solid return on your investment. That's where I enter the picture.

A Proven Track Record

From PackageSPEAK to Harley-Davidson and Launchsquad, I have a list of satisfied clientele paving the road of my experience, and thus their success.

Business Strategy: Digitized

The web is my natural environment; the website is only one tool of many in my war chest allowing me to devise a web presence for your business.

Performance Engineered ROI

A web presence is nothing without a return on investment. Your success is the only avenue to my success, and is my sole obsession and vice.

Jeremy Buff Digital Alchemist

My job is to design and develop digital interfaces, websites, and applications for the internet. I'm a web design aficionado, and couldn't be happier with my career. I measure my success via multiple devices, and am proud to compare myself to my competition, and likewise, my inspiration. I very much look forward to speaking to you regarding your project.

This Week's Highlights (March 1st - March 7th)

Exciting things are coming up this year. Here are a few interesting articles I've been reading:

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Web Design

I specialize in beautiful, clean, and usable web design. Perfect for businesses, organizations, and and online stores looking to maximize engagement.

Application Development

Have an idea a little larger than "a website?" Well, a webapp might be the perfect solution. I focus on standards-based, object-oriented programming.


eCommerce websites need to be comprehensive, intuitive to search and navigate, and mobile friendly. If it's time to make money selling, I'm your guy.


Not sure exactly what you need? With my experience, I can serve as a valuable asset to your business or team in the form of consultatory services.


Interested in developing out your brand further? Online marketing and advertising can yield high dividends in your brand awareness and saturation.


Many wonderful ideas are large and need proper planning and execution. Together, we can determine set phases to deploy your business's online presence.

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